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Happy Spring Bear

   ~Here are some cross stitching hints and tips that I hope will help you with your stitching.If you have any hints you would like to share,please email me and I will add them to this page.~

Bear                Bear

Bee ~I use large post-it notes to mark where I am stitching on the chart.This works very well.I move the post-it as needed while stitching.~

Bee ~Pull your floss over some wet sponge before you stitch to give it a "bath". This will make your floss lay nice.I bought a travel size soap dish that I keep my sponge in. It is handy & portable! ~

Bee ~I like to use a scroll frame when I am stitching. It free's up both hands to stitch with! ~

Bee ~I store my floss bobbins in a double sided hot wheels car holder that I found at Wal-Mart. It holds all my floss! ~

Bee ~Do not cut your thread too long as it will knot or break as you stitch.~

Bee ~Loop Method: Use this method when stitching with an even number of strands of floss. Double the length of floss you usually use, fold it half, thread your needle with the two loose ends.Insert your needle from the back of your work & when you go back down, catch the loop of the floss. This will keep your work neat & save you time! ~

Bee ~Be sure to remove your stitching from the hoop each time you stop stitching to prevent hoop marks from soiling your fabric.~

Bee ~I put a magnet on my scroll frame to hold my needle when I am not stitching.~

Bee ~I take a piece of masking tape, fold it in half with the sticky part on the outside. This will keep all the small ends of floss you have when stitching. Then, just throw away the tape.~

~Any comments or questions? Please email me.~


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~This page was updated on 2-18-2000