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About Me
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Wow someone accually wants to know about me... weird

Well my names Alyssa, and I live in the states.

I'm 13 years old, and in the 8th grade. I have about 14 really good friends. We like to hang out alot, like go to the mall or go to the movies. Sometimes we just do whatever. For instance one time we were at my friend named Pepper's house (Yes that's her real name) and it was her birthday party. She had a butterfly suit so we made a huge sign that said "Honk if you love butterflies." We then stood at a corner of an intersection. Alot of people accually did, we got a grand total of 122 honks. Good times, good times.
I absolutely love to read. I have alot of favorite books and book series. Here they are though not really in any perticular order.
~The Old Kingdom Series- Garth Nix
~The Gardians Of Ga'Hoole Series- Kathryn Lasky
~The Redwall Series- Brian Jaques
~The Harry Potter Series- J.K. Rowling
There you have it, though that is not all the books I like thats all I will put, for if I were to put every single one this page would be to long to read in one sitting!
I also love to listen to music. I love to sing, but couldn't carry a tune if it were in a basket. So I don't typically sing around others. I like music without words alot. Like movie soundtracks and stuff. I suppose that came from choseing floor music in gymnastics. I also like hip hop though, and country. Pretty much any music besides rap.
I was in gymnastics since I was 4 years old. I quit of last April. I was on Team 2 in the compitition level for 3 years and Team 1 for 1 year. If I were to have been in level gymnastics I would have been a 6 or 7 I do belive.
Vault- I think vault was my favorite event, because it was my best. The highest trick I got around to doing was a handspring full.
Uneven Parralel Bars- I did like bars alot, just the thrill of gliding through the air. My best trick on this event was probably the uprise, or a flyaway half. I never did master giants.
Floor- Floor was always fun to. I liked to strut my stuff. I was never very good at the dance part, and got tired by the end of the event. My best trick for floor was a layout full, but I never did it in compitition, only twice in practice. In compitition I usually did just a layout.
Beam- Oh don't even get me started. In my 4 years of competing I only once stuck my beam routine in compition. Yes tis sad I know, the beam just seemed to move out from underneath me! My best trick for the beam was a tick-tock, but I never got around to doing those in compitition either, so my best trick in compitition was the backwalkover.
I was also in diving last season. The best trick frontwards I could do was a 1 1/2. That is where you do a flip and dive into the water right out of it. The best trick I could do backwards was either an inward, a backdive, or a back somersault. I can't seem to remember which was higher in value.
I LOVE to rp online!! Exspecially wolves! I spend countless hours rping wolves. Here are some of my wolves.
Lunar- Lunar now belongs to the Jaded Skies pack in Elu Valley. She is the Head Patroller. She has white fur and golden eyes. For a full discription and history of her click here. This is her avatar:
And this is her signiture:
user posted image
Thanks to Kim for the siggy!
Daraybade: Daraybade is now part of the Hulorian pack in Illrinon as a subordinate. He has a black coat with a white face and green eyes. For a full discription and history click here. This is his avatar:
And this is his signiture:
user posted image
There you have it, those are my two wolves. I have two in the making also.
There is no word to describe how much I enjoy directing and editing films. I have made quite a few with my friends and plan to go to collage to be a director. Some of the movies I have made are listed here in order of there making:
The Case Of The Potatoe Stealers- First movie I ever made at a friends house. She was the detective, her little sister was the perpatrator, I was the victim, as was my sister. The plot was quite simple: The theif steals an innocent shop owner's potatoes. Another bystander steps in to stop the theif and almost gets her caught. The theif swears revenge. Later the theif stabs the man who stepped in, and the detective is called in to figure out who did it. The theif then abducts a child and stows him in a cardbord box. A friend calls the theif and asks for his cell phone number. The thief gives it and the child has a pen. He writes it on the back of his hand and escapes. He give the number to the detective who traces it to the correct address and the Theif is put behind bars.
The Black Witch Project- Kind of a parody on The Blare Witch Project. A friend is sleeping over at another friends house. They are home alone and hear something move from the room next door. They run around in first person view and creepy things happen.
Darkmidnight- A girl named Pepper is at her friends house, when once agian creepy things start to happen to the electricity. They go to the electrician but alas he has done nothing. They then figure out that it is a ghost haunting Pepper. She cannot get a good nights sleep, for her dreams consist of the memory of the day when she killed her friend over a magazine with Jhonny Depp in it. Pepper goes after the ghost of her former friend and it ends with a slow motion fight between the ghost and Pepper.
Darkmidnight 2- It is found out that Pepper has comitted murder and she is done justice. Much more humorous then the first film. The Darkmidnight series was the first one I had edited.
Middle School Murder- This was made at my birthday party. We were filming it till five in the morning, then settled down to play truth or dare till morning came. No one slept that night. The plot: Its the school dance and the "cool girls" are on one side of the room eyeing up a hott guy in the corner whose name is Kenny, meanwhile the group of "uncool girls" decide to impede on what they are up to. The leader of the cool girls asks him to dance and as they are about to kiss the lights turn off and when they come back on he lies stabbed on the floor. "Oh my gosh!! Somebody killed Kenny!" Are the lines spoken next. ^_^ The girls then go to the beach to get over their grief and end up on a yacht driven by a 56 year old french dude with a maustach. The movie ends with the girls in a pig pile of doom.... dont exactly know where we were going with that one.
The Soccer Story- Accually it was a project for school, and had to do with sports. The original plot was to have a soccer team called the Punky Playtapuses who win because of their star player all the time. But then the star player moves away and they have to get a new member. The new member isnt very good and the team dislikes her. Then the coach gives a speech to them and the tables turn, they start to help her along and in no time they are winning again. But that never really came true because we ran out of time and just ended up with a "To Be Continued" after the star player announced she was gonna leave.


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy
Pirates Of The Caribbean
Hide and Seek

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Vertigo- U2
May It Be- Enya
All Star- Smash Mouth
And also Manhiem Steamroller and Movie Sountracks.

Here's a list of some of my favorite anime:
Yu Yu Hakusho
Ruroni Kenshin
Wolfs Rain

Here's a list of some of my favorite video games:
The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time
Final Fantasy X