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Name: Lunar
Gender: Female
Age: 3 years
Species: Arctic Wolf

Family: Mother: Lea. Living with her mate in the den which Lunar was born. An arctic wolf whose only ambition is to mate. Lunar never got much attention from her mother, she was always to busy sleeping, eating, or giving birth. Even though Lunar had to stay in the den with her while her father and brothers hunted Lea was weak from illness and couldn't speak much.

Father: Mivear. Living with his mate. An arctic wolf who had always wanted a family and a pack of just males besides his mate. And thats practically what he got. Both he and Lea were Loners when they met. He has all sons besides Lunar. When Lunar lived in the den he was under the impression that everything was her fault because she was female. Lunar dislikes her father but respects him none the less.

Hutoier: The first born of Lea's first litter. A male which just thrilled Mivear. He has white fur is shot through with gray and he has golden eyes. He was the first born, and the strongest looking when he was born. He is Mivear's favorite. Lunar is incredibly jealous of him. She can still remember staring at him from across the den, he was curled up by her father while he would tell Hutoier stories and teach him the proper way to do things. Then they would lick each others faces and wag their tales. Thus Lunar and all her litter mates were jealous of Hutoier.

Ueawin: Ueawin was small when he was born, but not quite the runt. He was born after Lunar. He has blue eyes, his father saw this and distrusted him because everyone else had golden eyes. He also has pure white fur with only one streak of gray along his tail. Ueawin saw the way Lunar was always left out and not taught anything by Mivear and he took it upon himself to ready her for the future ahead. He was Lunars favorite brother and best friend.

Girewa: Girewa was the runt of the litter. When he was born Mivear was going to leave him out in the snow to die, but Lea told Mivear that he would grow strong. Girewa took these word to heart and tried his best to impress his mother and father but he was just seen as a shadow in the corner. Though he did grow up to be strong and fast. Lunar never really spoke to him or paid much attention to him.

Physical Description: Flowing white fur. Large paws that allow her to grip ice better. Dazzling golden eyes but the left has a shard of green in it. Blends perfectly with snow and in the winter cannot be seen if not moving. Lunar is swift but not over average speed. 34 inches tall and weighs 102 pounds. Has a large scar on the right side of her back, and another on her tail.

Personality: Peppy and upbeat, can be hyperactive and often annoying. Likes to play around with pups and when she knows its okay but is serious when she must be. Lunar is fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect those she knows and loves.

Other: Absolutely loves anything shiny, like the glint off snow and ice. Probably because when Lunar first opened her eyes it was the first thing she saw. Also has an uncanny liking to teasing fish by pushing them around with her muzzle.

High on a mountain, in a den under an ash tree, two lone wolves looked at their first offspring. The litter of four tiny wolf pups rolled around before them, all of which were male but one. One whose fur was as white as the full moon and the snow she was born under. Thus her name was Lunar. Mivear looked at his mate "They are all wonderful, except these two," he nodded toward the smallest one and Lunar. "We will throw them out in the snow." "We will be throwing no pups out into the snow! They will both grow strong, you will see!!" Said Lea to her mate. It was clear she wasn't going to be persuaded. Mivear shook his head and nudged the largest one. "His name shall be Hutoier, after my father because he will be the strongest, better than any of the other pups! He is truly my son!"
But Lea got sick after the giving birth to Lunars litter. One of the pack had to stay back and care for her. When all of her brothers went out and were taught how to hunt, Lunar was that one. Ueawin saw this and pitied Lunar. One day he told her what Mivear had taught them that day. From then on Ueawin came back and taught Lunar everything Mivear wasn't. When Lea became pregnant again and had another litter of 6, Lunar and Ueawin left for lack of room in the den. For awhile Ueawin and Lunar traveled together but Ueawin soon met Yurnie, and they became mates. Lunar would have stayed with her brother and became part of his pack but she wanted to start new and fresh so she must leave behind everything she knew.
Lunar padded along while the sun rose in front her through the trees. She soon came to a clearing and froze. A large oak in the center of the clearing was covered in icicles hanging off every inch of branch. The sunrises brilliant pinks, purples, and yellows jumped from icicle to icicle, dancing on the ground, and throwing shards of color all over. Lunar slowly went forward until she stood directly under the tree. She was speechless, the beauty was to awesome to describe. She sat under the tree, marveling over how shiny one thing could be. Suddenly a strong wind swept through the clearing, grabbing the oak and shaking it furiously. The next Lunar knew the icicles began falling like transpare nt knifes. She shot across the clearing into the woods, but not before an one of the icicles had made its impression on Lunars tail.
Lunar had found a pack in a woods not to far from there that had accepted her. She was overjoyed when Reainiw, the packs timber wolf alpha, said that she may stay. That had been a year ago and now Lunar was happy and comfortable with everyone in the pack. There had been no problems or fights within the pack so Lunar and many other were playful. One day Lunar snuck up behind Reainiw and pounced on his back. Big mistake. Reainiw had been thinking of that nights hunt and the blood lust was upon him. So naturally when Lunars paws landed on his back with no warning he whirled around and tore at the first flesh he could reach. Lunar streaked out of the woods, far past the borders of Reainiw's packs territory, far until she could run no more.
She turned and looked at the wound on the right side of her back. It was bleeding heavily, and it was quite large. This was not good. She lost in unfarmiliar territory, she had probably left a trail of blood the whole time she ran that any predator could follow, and she had a large open wound and no idea what to do about it. Lunar looked up to the sky and howled mournfully to herself. Lunar was about to start licking the blood from her fur when a howl pierced the night sky. All of her senses went on the alert. She stared in the direction that the howl had come. Soon a silvery wolf emerged. The wolf looked at her wound and said "Do not fear me, I am here to help." Lunar tilted her head inquisitively but then followed the wolfs gaze. "Who are you?" She asked. "My name is Shienke, you can trust me," He began to pad toward her. Lunar decided to let him. If he truly wanted to help he could and she might survive, if he wanted to kill her what difference would it make? If she didn't get help soon she'd die anyway. Shienke picked up some herbs in his mouth and sucked on them, then he began to lick her wound. After a few minutes he said "Sleep, you will need it." Exhausted from her run and the excessive bleeding she quickly obliged, leaving her fate in his paws.
Lunar and Shienke became very close friends. Shienke had saved Lunar and now all there was left of the wound was a scar. They had both considered becoming mates but had thought better, they wouldn't be able to raise pups in the wilderness, and Lunar was still quite young, only 2 and a half years old. Shienke traveled with Lunar toward an unknown destination for a long while but he said he must go back to where he grew up, for it was truly his home. And so Lunar went forward by herself, but she did not mind, she had been by herself all her childhood, sure Ueawin had been there but he could only fill a small spot in the black hole that is a family and a pack. And that is why she must find one.