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I love my pets!


Sadie is my one and only dog. Shes a sheltie which is a miniture shetland sheep dog. She has brown, white and black fur, and brown eyes. Shes getting pretty old but is still as spry as a pup and loves to play! She can do alot of tricks to. She can sit, stay, speak, laydown, rollover, play dead, or fetch her toy. And she gets very jealous when we play with Flip. She also loves to have her tummy rubbed.



Flip is my kitty, I got her from the humane socitety. Shes a short haired tabby with brown, white, and black fur. Her eyes are greenish yellow. She is named Flip for three reasons. Firstly when I got her I was in gymanstics and I wanted to name her something from that so I chose Flip. Secondly because she Flips out, and when she does theres no stopping her, she'll mow down anything and everything in her way. And thirdly she has a toy, doesn't play with anything else, just the one kind of toy. And if you move it in an arc she'll preform a Flip. So I guess I gave her the right name.