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Win Our Halloween House Award!

Would you like to win our award for your Halloween Web Site?
I love visiting new sites!

I have a few rules about your web site:
1.Your site must be 100% kid friendly!
2.Page should have more than just links.
3.Sign our guest book. :o)
4.If you win, provide a link back to Halloween House with the award.
5.Fill out the form below & make sure to include which award you would like.
6.I will visit your site & let you know asap.
7.Thanks for applying!

Awards to win

pumpkinaward1  ghostaward1
          Award #1                  Award #2

ghost2  ghostfence
          Award #3                  Award #4

          Award #3

Ok,now that you have an Award picked out,
please fill out the form below. Don't forget to include which Award you would like!

Your name:

Your email address:

What is your web site URL?

Tell me about your site.

Did you sign our guest book?   Yes   No

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That's it! Thanks for applying & you will hear from me soon!

1999 Winners

Halloween Tales

Special Thanks to Suzanne of Suzanne's Gif Shoppe for these wonderful Awards!


Any comments or suggestions? Please email me!


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