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Candy Cane Mouse Holder

Supplies - 

     6 inch candy canes 
     red felt 
     craft eyes (google eyes) 
     white yarn (with silver laced 
     through optional, nice touch) 
     sewing needle with large eye for
     threading yarn glue gun hot glue
     or white craft glue 
     scissors plastic pink jupe or pipe
     cleaners for whiskers (Jupe, or lanyard,
     is the flat plastic craft string
     that the children use to make friendship 
     polyester stuffing 

Project how to - 

   1.Cut two 3 inch ovals from red felt. This 
   is the mouse's body. Place ovals together for 
   2.Using the white yarn, sew a blanket stick 
   around the ovals leaving a one inch opening 
   at one end of the oval. 
   3.Stuff the oval pillow with polyester stuffing. 
   4.Glue two eyes at the other end of the oval. 
   5.Thread through two 3 inch pieces of pink jupe 
   under the eyes, these are the whiskers. 
   6.At the open end, carefully place in the candy
   cane, this is the tale.