~Here are some ideas for quick & easy costumes.~


Mickey Mouse
Materials Needed:
Black Tights or Black Sweat Pants
Red Shorts
Blue Shirt
Black Shoes
White Felt
Black Felt
Black Rope
Red & Black Makeup For Face
Safety Pin

1.Cut big buttons out of white felt & glue to front of red shorts.
2.Cut rope to length wanted for tail & use safety pin to pin to back of shorts.
3.Use cardboard to cut out 2 mouse ears.Then trace onto black felt,cut out 4 pieces, & glue to cardboard.Then glue to headband for ears.
4.Using makeup,paint nose red & add whiskers using black.


Materials Needed:
Orange fabric
Orange thread
Green felt
Old newspapers,tissues,fabric,or pillows
Green tights and shirt or pajamas

1.Cut two large circles out of the orange fabric.
2.Sew the circles together,leaving openings
for legs,arms,and head.
3.Turn the top over 1/2 inch and run a drawstring
through it.
4.Cut out a green hat from felt in the shape of
a pumpkin stem.
5.Sew two pieces of string onto the hat to tie
under your chin.
6.Put on the green clothes,slip on the pumpkin suit,
and stuff it with newspapers,tissues,fabric or pillows.
7.Pull the drawstring closed.

Bear Ghost

Materials Needed:
Black leotard
Black tights
3 pairs black nylons
Old nylons
Black stocking cap
Black pipe cleaners

1.Stuff black nylons with old nylons.
2.Wear leotard and tights.
3.Place stuffed nylons around waist for legs.
4.Bend pipe cleaners and attach to hat for antennae.


Raggedy Ann
Materials Needed:
Old dress
White apron
White tights
Red yarn wig
Red felt

1.Cut our a heart with the red felt.
2.Glue to front of white apron.
3.Draw freckles on face with eyeliner.
4.Use blush to color cheeks & that's it!


Face Paint
Materials Needed:
1/2 teaspoon cold cream
1/2 teaspoon water
2 drops food coloring,color of your choice

Mix well in a small bowl.Comes off easy with water!


Fake Blood
Materials Needed:
5 tablespoons corn starch
2/3 cup corn syrup
1/3 cup water
4 teaspoons red food coloring
Green food coloring

  Mix the corn starch with the water,
make sure it is totally mixed, then add the corn
syrup, again make sure it is mixed well. Add red
food coloring into the mixture, then add a
couple drops of green food coloring to take the
"pink" edge off the red coloring.




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