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Creatures Of Lirit

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Weiym Forest

Home of Unicorns and all manner of other creatures.

The forest where trees can move and speak, though it is rare they do so around any others then themselves and other trees. Their whispering words can be heard by any and all, if you listen. They tell stories of the ancient past, and the future to come. Many of all races live here, living off the roots and berries, for to kill an animal inside the forest means certian death. Though you may bring something already dead within, be weary, for the creatures do not approve, and may attack. Adventurers have dissapeared for days, only to be found, floating on the river. Be wary adventurer, for the same ones that kill you for killing, may have their play time with you... The vampires will come. They follow the code of a life for a life. Dwelling in this forest are some of the most holy, and some of the most evil, creatures to ever walk in Lirit.