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Creatures Of Lirit

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The fairy is a beautiful creature of magic, and one of the most mysterious. They can be found in forests and woods, and often shy from other races. But some fairies will leave their forests, and if you ever come into battle with one beware, for their magic is some of the most powerful on the earth.

Fairies tend not to like being indoors, for they were raised around trees, and outdoors. When they do go inside they tend to fidget, and some get sick. A fairies touch can make plants grow, except for where great evil as touched the earth, there they can spend days trying to make a single blade of grass grow before they succeed.

The fairy looks much like you would imagine a fairy. They have very delicate features, much like an elf’s. Their body can either be small or large. Their eyes are most commonly a violet or purple, though among the race of fairies any eye color is possible. But the most startling about fairies are their wings. The wings contain a delicacy, much like a butterfly’s wings. They look so delicate that they might tear at the touch. The fairies wings can be any type of wing, butterfly, bird, or sail. The most common wing type is the butterfly. The wing colors can be any color your little heart desires, though there are some instances where the wings can change color. Fairies always fight for the side of good, if you want to be evil look to their cousins the pixie.

One will not see fairies much, except for the adventure seeking ones, for fairies do not like to be seen. One way of telling a fairy has been there is the abundant amount of plants one will see in an area. One other way of telling is a ring of toad stools; this is the most common way to tell if a fairy has been here.


Small fairy: Female- 1’4’’- 3’10’’

Male- 1’5’’- 4’

Large fairy:

Female: 4’ 10’’- 5’-10’’

Male- 4’ 11’’- 5’10’’

Ages: Fairies can live to be 300 years old.

Baby: 1-15

Teen- 15-120

Adult: 120 -death