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Creatures Of Lirit

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The pixie is an evil cousin to the fairy. They were swayed from their path of good, following the dead and evil creatures. The pixie is the almost exact opposite of the fairy, loving death and destruction. The pixie is what you can call the prankster, and the trouble maker. It seems that no matter who they fight for they always cause trouble.

The pixies love to destroy, and will do so, be it crops, house or body parts (on someone else of course). The pixies have one weakness, pain. They cannot stand pain. If you manage to hurt a pixie while fighting one you won the battle, which is if the pixie doesn’t go crazy and start attacking you unmercifully. Pixies will never start a battle, but they will finish. They may be the cause of starting a fight, but they find that funny. One famous fight is when a pixie played one to many pranks on the king, and found himself up against the wall with the kings sword at his throat. The pixie, rather dumbly, reached and grabbed the king’s nose and beard, and yanked really hard yelling, "THE KING HAS A BIG NOSE!!" That pixie felt the agony of boredom for the rest of his life in the king’s dungeon.

The worst torment one can place on anyone is to place one in a room with a pixie. Some pixies turn to the good side, and will fight for the cause of good.


Small pixie: Female- 1’4’’- 3’10’’

Male- 1’5’’- 4’

Large pixie: Female: 4’ 10’’- 5’-10’’

Male- 4’ 11’’- 5’10’’


Ages: Pixies can live to be 300 years old.

Baby: 1-15

Teen- 15-120

Adult: 120 –death


The pixie looks nothing like they’re beautiful cousins, the fairies. The pixies have blue tinted skin, and bug eyes. Their wings are not delicate but torn and thick. The pixie prefers to live in the forest, but leave frequently to play their pranks on travelers.