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Creatures Of Lirit

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The dragon, in my point of view, is the coolest fantasy thing ever to exist. The dragon is a elegant creature, beautiful in all ways. The dragon comes in many different colors, which is how you find if it is good or evil. The evil colors are: Red, black, green, white, and blue. Each dragon color breaths a different type of ‘fire’. Red is pretty obvious, the red dragons breathe fire. Black dragons BREATHE NOT SPIT acid, green dragons breathe poisonous gases, white dragons breathe ice, and blue dragons BREATHE NOT SPIT lightning. The good dragons are thus; gold, bronze, silver and brass. Each dragon has a small history behind it. The gold dragon breathes heat unbearable to live through, the bronze, silver and brass BREATHE NOT SPIT the molten metal after which they are named.

The red dragon, the typical colored dragon in any fantasy breaths fire. The story behind the dragons here though goes like this; a female dragon laid her eggs in the base of a dormant volcano, hoping that in the next century it took the eggs to hatch it would not blow. The mother dragon was a dragon of no color, yet of all. All dragons were this way before the wars.

The mothers hopes failed, the volcano blew, minutes away from the hatching. The mother unwilling to leave her young died. But still the eggs hatched, but strangely, their scales where not their mothers color… But red! The new type of dragon grew steadily without its mother’s help. Soon after they hatched the small red dragons learned to flame, their fiery breath death to all in their path. The dragons of old were never swayed from their point of neutrality, but the reds were easily swayed, to evil.

The black, green, and blue have all the same history… though it is a sad one. These dragons were once the eggs of gold dragons, but they were stolen away and used in experiments. The experiments left the eggs with evil twisted beings inside of them. The eggs hatched, the hatchlings turned upon their masters, murdering them.

The white dragon, the closest you’ll get to the dragons of old. Their white hide came to them as hatchlings, camouflaging them from the predators in the icy wasteland that is their home. As they got older the color had not faded, as the generations before them had. With the loss their neutrality the white dragons also lost their sense of the balance of good and evil. Forgetting that good is always greater the great whites of the north joined those who seemed stronger.

It is said that dragons always were the colors you see today, that they never changed. The bards and elves scoff at this, the elves, some of those still alive had seen it, and the bards, the stories past along to them through the generations tell no lie.

The neutral dragons saw the balance sway. They saw their children fall to the forces of evil. They knew that they must regain the balance… And with that in their minds they made a heavy decision. They were going to create dragons of good from their eggs… demolishing the dragon of all color and none forever.

Size by age:

Hatchling 1-14 (time from when they are born till considered teens. During this time they learn to fly and hunt.) Small- huge to us

Fledgling- 14-398 (time where dragon learns all their skills, mostly magic) Huge- giant to us

Adult- 398- 908 (Time where dragons grow fertile and can have babies, BAMBI!!... Sorry… could resist… well any way) Giant- hugmongo to us.

Ancient- 908-death – (This is where a dragon starts loosing its powers, and body starts ageing, most dragons don’t live this long, due to fighting their cause.) hugmongo- mongojam to us.

Dragons continue to grow through out their life till death.

Looks: this requires, color, wing type and so on.






White- evil






Wing type

There are two wing types, sail and normal wings.

Sail wings- these wings act much like a sail, catching the wind and propelling the dragon.

Normal wings- Like a birds wings.

Facts on dragons

Red and gold are the most powerful and dangerous dragons.

All dragons are magic users, be the magic evil or good.


Any dragon can fall in love with what ever and whom so ever they please… Now if the other person likes them, that’s a different mater.