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Creatures Of Lirit

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You see a silver wisp pass you from the corner of your eye. You turn, trying to catch a glimpse of what horror haunts you now… But there is nothing. Again you see the startling white, yet there is nothing. You turn, to continue following the wooded path. You turn to be confronted by the face of the unicorn. She stands there, elegant and noble, her horn glinting in the green light filtering through the trees. A shadow forms in the trees next to her. The shadow moves to stand along side the white unicorn… He is black, all except his horn, which is starlight silver, and his eyes, that are midnight blue. The male unicorn eyes you, then judges you of no danger, nudges his beloved off the road, both disappearing into the dark woods, their bodies seeming to just disappear, as if they had never been there, and you begin to doubt… Where they really there? Do unicorns really exist? You hear a soft whinny, floating to you on the breeze… Yes… They do.

The unicorn is the most mystical race, for not many are privileged enough to see them, and when they do no one believes them. For unicorns do not exist! Why would they hide? The simple answer is this, the unicorns do not hide they just do not wish to be seen. If you were to watch carefully, you might see the unicorns among the trees, carefully watching you.

The unicorns live among the wooded forests, taking care of them and all who dwell in them. The master of the forest is called E’rine, or mother unicorn. The E’rine has lived since the beginning of time, though she will die it will not be for millions of years, when she dies the unicorns will disappear, everything that takes the form of a unicorn will disappear, being unicorn bones, bodies, or young… Everything will be gone..

Color: The unicorn fur can be any of the normal horse fur colors, black, reddish and so on. Their horns can be any colors… Same with their eyes.

Unicorn types: there are different types of unicorns, each being able to do something different.

Unicorn of plants: These unicorns thrive, they are caretakers of the forest. They protect it from evil. In some forests, but not this one, plants will grow year round.

Unicorn of Stone: The unicorns of stone prefer caves more than the forest, for they are able to shape stone to their liking, forging their homes from stone.

The protectors: These unicorns take the forms of humans or elves protecting the forest. The unicorn if it senses danger will patrol their area, and question strangers. When they find the source of danger they will transform into their unicorn self, and either kill or force the enemy back.

Multi taskers: these unicorns do a bit of all of the other tasks listed above.

Explorers: These unicorns go out of the forest and explore the surrounding areas. They explore in the shape of a humanoid. They report the actions to the other unicorns in the forest.

Age: The unicorn lives till they are 1000 years old… They live to be ancient.

1-300: foal- teen

300-900- adult

900- 1000- an ancient