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Creatures Of Lirit

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Fairy Application
Name: Kasey Wagenman
Name: Toula
Race: Fairy
Gender: Female
Age: Teen 25
Physical description: 2.4", her skin is a medium brown, her face sorta skinny, she is a very skinny fairy, skinnier than half of her friends but that is because she is just getting over a very bad habit of being anerexic. Her ribs are sorta showing because she hasnt fully recovered. Her hair is medium length, it is a blonde.Her eyes are sky blue, and her wings are a very light baby blue when she is in a good mood, but if she is sorta mad her wings are a very dark blue.
Personality: She acts like an angel around her parents, but when around her friends she is a typicle teenanger. You know, a little rowdy, yet calm. Also flirty, little wild. Her magical skills are not as good as her parents would like but she never really payed attention when they tried to teach her. One of her friends is trying to teach her so her magic skills are getting better.
Wing color(s): Light baby blue when she is in a good mood, but if she is sorta mad her wings are a very dark blue. Her wings are a butterfly style.
Evil or good: Good
Other: She is scared of pixies, because when she was younger one of her cousins who is a pixie was extremely mean to her. She never did anything to her cousin but her cousin hated her. Her clothes are a litle bit different than other fairies. She likes her dresses a little bit shorter, and they are usually a violet. But she also has a shawl that is a see through material that is a lighter shade of violet.

PhoenixFire                                          Admin
Good Job! I like her shes very original. Accepted! You will recieve an email notifiying you of the password for the forum.