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Creatures Of Lirit

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Elf Application


Name: Phoenix Fire



Name: Elisae

Gender: Female

Age: 87

Physical Appearance: Elisae has very long white hair, and she wears a head piece of leather and gold atop her head. Her eyes are ruby red, and show no emotion. Her clothes are dark blue or black with a gold design around the edges. She stands at about 5'7. She wields a black sword, with runes upon the blade. Though elves are swift and are full of agility, Elisae is doubly so. She can sneak around unnoticed in the shadows. She also wields her blade with deadly accuracy. Many underestimate her, but that becomes their downfall.

Personality: Elisae is quiet and closed off from others. She typically shows no emotion whatsoever. She prefers to be by herself rather than with others, and will often ignore anyone who greets her. She doesn't like to talk, only when she is asked a question. She is calm even in the most dire situations, which has caused a few to fear her. She shows no mercy, pity, or glee when killing another. Always the same expression. Though she does like to wander through the trees, and find a spot to sleep in one's branches. She will occasionally even speak with the trees.

Type: Wood Elf.

Good or Evil: Nobody really knows, for she has never done anything to suggest either way. Though someday she may...

Other: Elisae, from the lack of speaking she does, she has become an excellent listener. As elves ears are already sensitive, she can hear better than any in Lirit. She can pick up even the tiniest noises, like a mouse scurrying across the floor. She enjoys to eavesdrop on other's conversations, and thus has a large knowledge of every one in Erndth. They speak freely around her, knowing she won't tell a soul.

History: (optional)

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