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Creatures Of Lirit

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Elf Application


Name: PhoenixFire



Name: Kyros

Gender: Male

Age: 127

Physical Appearance: Kyros is about 5'8 without his hat. He wears a green tunic, white tights, and brown boots. He also has a long sleeved white shirt under his tunic, brown gloves with no fingers, and a pointy green hat.. Kyros weilds a sword with a blue hilt and a long blade, though he hardly has need for it. He aslo has a bow and a shield, but again, they are hardly ever used except for practice. He has blonde hair, and blue eyes that are an ocean of knowledge. He has a blue hoop earring in one ear, and he wears his weapons over his back. He also has an insturment called an ocarina, which is flute like, and emits beautiful music from it, filling all of Erndth with more song.

Personality: Kyros is typically quiet and serious. He knows his role in the elven society is important, and he must uphold it. If there is a task at hand, he gets right to it. He is very protective of the trees of his homeland. He has a wealth of knowledge beyond that of his years. It was for this reason he was choosen to be leader of the Erndth elves. There are a few occasions though, where he can be totally unlike himself and get hyper, exspecially at partys where sugar ale is present. Kyros loves sugar ale, and would do almost anything to get it.

Type: Wood Elf

Good or Evil: Good

Other: Again, Kyros loves sugar ale. It is his weakness. Some think if an enemy were to offer it to him, he would trade the whole battle for a shot. Kyros fears nothing, he has such a vast knowledge of everything that he belives there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Kryos enjoys to play the ocarina, and everyone enjoys it when he does also. He's skilled with it and produces the most beautiful music to go with the song whispering through the trees.

History: (optional)

Kyros was born and raised in Erndth. He has seen a few other places in Lirit, but spent most of his life in Erndth. His father was the previous leader of the Erndth elves, and taught him everything he knew. The elders saw early in Kyros life that he was a born leader, and quickly appointed him to his fathers position when he passed away. Kyros has been fulfilling his promise since then, and hasn't faltered yet. Though everything has been quite peaceful.

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