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Creatures Of Lirit

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Elf Application
Name: Kim
Name: Vyeanie LeSceltica Kanlatiana (HAHA pronounce THAT!)
Gender: Female
Age: 360 years
Physical Appearance: Vyeanie stands at 5 feet, 8 inches and weighing only around 110 pounds. She is very slender, as most elves are and her skin is very fair and very light in complexion. Her eyes are of a soft golden and are always kind and gentle. Her hair is always very long, very straight, and quite smooth, falling in soft locks about her back and is the color of ginger. Her attire consists of a dress made of doe hide and more often then not she chooses to be barefoot. Her hair is often tied back by a strip of tree bark or leather. Around her neck she bears but one jewel; a small green stone given to her by her mother while she was dying. But one would never guess that this, er, feminine figure would bare her next garment; a sword. Though she hides it will, for the sheath and belt are of the same materiel and she can easily hide the hilt in the folds of her dress. Sometimes she even bears a cloak of olive green to blend in more easily with wooded areas.
Personality: Very, very few have seen her angry. She is usually quite open and caring, though she has a tendency to not only be extremely stubborn, but somewhat elusive. She does not often like to be caught in conversations with a
lot of others. Two, three, even four wont bother her, but she cant take a lot of others for company. To those that manage to get quite close to her, you will find she is quite a spitfire and gutsy. She speaks her mind (without thinking, most of the time) and enjoys teasing. Though, when she has something wrong, she
closes up really, really fast and will not tell anybody unless they continually bug and persist. Her anger is rare but does come and when it does, you will find she is not very physical as she is emotional and verbal.
Type: Sky Elf
Good or Evil: Good
Other: She is very touchy on the subject of love lives and having close friends do to her past. She tends to prefer alone time and doing things on her own. She feels she is weak when she cries, and often holds a lot of self-anger. There
hasnt only one person in her life that has ever been able to really get close to her and calm her, and he is no longer with her. Her greatest fear is losing her only companion of the moment, Cosamay the Raven and being completely alone. She enjoys singing and dancing, alone of course, with the company of Cosamay. She is also a very skilled healer and reader of the stars and cosmos. She is quite wise when she spends time doing it.
Her history is very long and no where near finished. I will post it when it is done. :)

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