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Creatures Of Lirit

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Elf Application

Name: Dragonscale
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Name: Area Sulmn (A-rea Sulmin)
Gender: Female
Age: 1,344
Physical Appearance: At first Area appears to be a young elf in her prime. Her hair is a darker blue, and her eyes the same color. Areas skin is flushed and healthy, all a sham, or maybe vanity. Area has skin cold to the touch, deathly

Area is an undead creature, though she doesnt appear to be, in fact she has all the opposite characteristics of a vampire. The only thing that identifies her for who she is, are her teeth. The to vampire teeth Area keeps carefully hidden
beneath her large lips. Her large pointed ears are often covered by metal decorations, and her blue hair has a headdress in it.

Areas nails are always painted a blood red at an alarming 2 inches long, and her feet are always bear. Area prefers to wear pants, and not the flimsy skirts her sister vampires wear. A baggy sleeveless shirt is her idea of comfortable.

Personality: Area is vain. She has and had to be perfect, from her hair to her toe nails. She tends to be very temperamental, considering shes dead. She hates a lot, but really isnt really evil. Area is just striving for her kinds life. The forests the vampires live in are being torn down, and their kind hunted. The vampires had been mostly neutral; killing only for food, then the race of elves discovered their not so holy re-birthing.

The vampires had been the defenders of the forest, living along side the unicorn. They still lived peacefully among the unicorns, but their numbers dwindle day by passing day.

Areas main defense is her magic, but she is also excellent with the morning star and bow.

Type: Wood elf/ vampire

Good or Evil: Evil

Other: Area has a fear of water, for when she was young and still alive she had almost drowned. To this day she still lives with the fear. Area also has a love for animals. The love that the wood elves gave to the animals lived on even past her dying day. In case some of you havent got it yet, Area is a vampire, bitten
by one, and resurrected by one.

OOC: Sucky

History: Coming soon!! Thats two I got to write

PhoenixFire                                             Admin
Finally Area is accepted! You know what to do!