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Creatures Of Lirit

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Unicorn Application
Name: Ellen
Name: Everon
Race: unicorn
Gender: Female
Age:  310
Color: (the horn eyes and fur) black fur, green eyes, and a black horn.
Physical description: (size and color, scars.) Everon is a 59 black unicorn of Dark Forest. She pitch black from horn to tail. She spends her time helping, caring, and teaching her brothers and sisters about exploring the forest. Her eyes are a dark green and makes look like an outsider.
Personality: Everon loves to make her enemies think she human and ask her strange things. She is a master of hiding her identity.
Unicorn type: Explorer
Good or evil: Good
Other: She fears black dragons because she was attacked by  one when was a filly. She loves dwarves because when they drunk, they say and do stupid things.
History: (Optional)

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