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Elf Application


Name: Kim



Name: Toravanscali (Tora) Nivain Castidonvare (In dragon form she is known as Lackora)

Gender: Female

Age: 127 (Fledgling for a dragon)

Physical Appearance: As an elf, Tora is 5’9’’ in height, with a slender body. Many say that she is the perfect mix between a woman and a child, creating a young looking elf with a woman’s body. Her body is strong and sturdy which came from years of being on her own and learning to survive on her own. She is very keen eyed and is often times attentive. Her skin is very pale, indicating to many that she is a wood elf until they see her eyes. Her eyes are a nice shade of olive green, but both are speckled with a soft blue, which catches the attention of quite a few people. Her hair is a soft gold, though darker underneath it seems, for when the sun catches it, the tops shines beautifully, which catches eyes also. Her skin, unlike most elves, is not very smooth but covered with scratches, bruises, or scars.

Her attire consists of mostly what many would ‘men’s cloths’ because it usually is a tunic with leggings, as well as knee high hunting boots and a belt. Though she does also have a more feminine wear that is a long violet dress that has the feel of silk. She has not worn it often, do to the fact she often moves swiftly around in wooded areas where wearing a dress could be hazardous. Around her waist, she has a dagger, simple yet deadly for she does not only wield it, but can channel little magic through it. She also bears an ash bow and is actually quite good at shooting, this being her weapon of choice. But wait there’s more! Around her neck she bears a dragon pendent that holds a little sapphire stone (more of the stone will be said later) and she has a single gold earring she wears to show she does not live among others. The last thing she bears is a simple leather pack on her back that holds belongings, possessions and the like.

But in her dragon form . . . she is giant to a human. Her body is large and muscular; a daring look that gives reason for one not to mess with her. Her scales are pure white, shining dully while her horns and spikes that stick from her neck and along her back glimmer a slight gold. Her body is long and fully scaled, save her stomach and under her neck. But unlike in her elf form, her eyes are a blazing crimson, so fierce and fiery that forbid it if you are unlucky enough to look into them! But like her elf eyes, they to are speckled in a soft blue. The blue seems to be something she can’t get away from . . . She also has sail wings, giving her the power to go forward quicker then usual.

Personality: Ee k, quick warning; poor poor Tora has a personality disorder… you’ll see just read.

In elf form, Tora is actually quite nice, though very quiet and distant. She does not often interact with others. Instead, she tries so very hard to keep ‘the dragon inside’ level down. She is constantly raging a battle with herself inside, a battle between good and evil. Constantly it seems. Yet for the few she has really ever grown attached to, she is usually soft-spoken, but very open. She is a dedicated worker and skilled fighter, very protective and wise in time of need. She is pushing herself to learn magic and is fairly good at it, but it does weaken her some leaving herself vulnerable to shifting. She seems to be always looking for a way out of her mind, constantly feeling like she loosing it completely, until she keeps reminding herself that she is fine, she will make . Don’t loose yourself now. But the real thing that seems to hold her on was her encounter with a child, a dwarf child actually, that she saved. Ever since, she kept close around the dwarf kingdom, watching the babe grow into a strong dwarf. She never made herself noticed, but rather kept close watch on him, feeling somehow that he was her child also. A motherly instinct that she didn’t know had existed. She does not know if he was told of her or not, but she remembered his name and has forever more looked after him; Castanie.

But beware to those that are unlucky enough to catch her in her dragon form. She cannot control it when she shifts and it destroys her after she shifts back to elf form. Lackora (as she is known in dragon form) will respond to nothing; it is a complete personality change. Lackora is pure evil, breathing ice over areas she feels as a weak chance of fighting and over anything in her path. She is quick to anger in this state and will stop at nothing to get revenge if she feels she must. I pity all who catch her this way, for she will not be happy or accepting. She cares only for herself and all thoughs that would follow her. Anger is her only companion and she works hard to make it the strongest when she is in dragon form, not wanting to come out of it, which could be the reason it is so hard for her to become Tora again. When Tora is in elf form, Lackora tends to be the evil little voice that wants to take over, causing the raging battle within her.

Type: Wood Elf (White Dragon)

Good or Evil: Neutral (mainly because Tora is good and Lackora is as evil as it gets)

Other: The necklace that Tora bears is her main life source, believe it or not. It is in the form of a dragon in flight and within its palm, holds a sapphire jewel. It helps hold Lackora from staying out, helping keep Tora’s spirit and voice alive during these times. It was made for her when she was young to help her grow strong when she got older, in hopes that she could shift into the white dragon and control, bringing back the old ways of neutrality. She also has a great fear of ever letting Lackora take control, for the voice of Lackora is constantly nagging at her, making her think she is weak. So basically when she says she has a split personality; she means it! Some would say; since you can shift into something evil, why would you want to? Because sometimes it seems that Lackora is too strong and she lets herself shift. She has no control over it. She is in a constant battle to center herself, but she still fails. Hoping to succeed one day in mastering Lackora’s strength.


Tora’s story will not start at the beginning, for 127 years is a long time for an elf to remember what she did.

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