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Creatures Of Lirit

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Zanithn DoZhumann

Name: Ramfist

Email: Disclosed

Name: Zanithn DoZhumann

Female Drow Elf (drow = dark elf)

Age: 196

Appearance: Zanithn is a drow elf, the dark, and evil, cousins of the good races of elves. Standing at 5 9, Zanithn is surprisingly tall for a drow. Her body is well built and physically sleek, with muscles like corded Adimantium. Smooth ebony skin and a full feminine figure give her a haunting allure uncommon on the surface world. Flowing silvery white hair crows her delicate feature and piercing lavender eyes. Her lithe movements are utterly silent in their supple grace. She wears a coarse white blouse that is cut short for mobilitys sake as well as fairly tight pair of dark leather pants. A lattice work starburst stands out against the right thigh, an unusual mark rarely seen amongst her race. In her belt are two glass daggers, each sharper than a razor, as well as a few shuriken (tiny throwing razors). A black steel ring adorned with an emerald adorns her right middle finger and a headband of silver filigree holds her hair back.

Personality: Zanithn rarely smiles. She shuns contact with large groups of people, and rarely ventures far into civilized places. She reveres nature and order, and has spent most of her life in the wilds. A dark past has left her withdrawn, though not hostile to strangers, and she is not apt to talk allot. She enjoys the night, and becomes practically invisible in the darkness, though she will willingly walk in the sunlight. She is unafraid of insects however, and seems to enjoy their company too much.

Good or Evil: Neutral Good

History: Role-play to find out you slackers!

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