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Creatures Of Lirit

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Elvin Kindom

Erndth Veil

Re'kh Jansd

Freasn averas

Kirth Frands

Irestnd Fruyns

This ancient song rings through the small veil of Erndth, even the elves, the most ancient of beings, can not understand the song. This small veil the Elves claimed as theirs. They talked to the trees, calling to them, asking them to mold themselves into their homes. The trees had never seen anyone who can reply to their song, so they obeyed. Next came the tower of the elvin leader. The elves sang to the earth her self, asking her to bless them with a beautiful dwelling, reminding them of their homeland. The veil seems to be enchanted... and it is said that once a race different from elves enters there, they never return... Enter this veil adventurer and meet your doom...