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Creatures Of Lirit

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Wyvnd Caves

Dwarven Dwelling

These caves are the foundation of the dwarven kingdom, being that the first dwarves ever to walk the land came here and lovingly chisled it out room by room. There are thousands of rooms in the neighboring mountian, but in this one there millions. Thousands of tiny slats can be found around the mountian, providing air for the cave dwellers. The greatest room in the caves is the great hall, its towering columns soar up to the high ceiling, and a roaring fire set in the center of the hall gives the place a haunting look. Though there are many dwarves, not all of the kingdome is used. The back rooms have not been touched in thousands of years, and are said to be haunted. The perfect place for any daring adventurer... But what haunts the depts of the kingdom? What haunts the tombs of the dwarven kings?