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Here are some games & fun for kids! Hope you enjoy them.

candycorn Jack-O'-Lantern Candy Holder
Flour and water paste or liquid starch
Orange paint
Black paint
Paint brush
1.Cut the newspaper into 1 to 2 inch strips.
2.Blow up the balloon & tie it.
3.Cover the balloon with newspaper strips dipped
in the flour-and-water paste or liquid starch.
4.Cover the whole balloon two or three times,
and let it dry completely (2 or 3 hours or overnight)
5.Pop the balloon and paint the ball orange.
Add some black eyes,a nose,and a mouth.
6.Cut a zigzag-patterned top off of the pumpkin
holder, poke holes in the sides, and attach a piece
of the yarn for a handle.

candycorn Lollipop Ghost
Tissue Paper
Black Felt Tip Marker
Orange 1/4 inch wide ribbon
Lollipop (We use Tooties Roll Pops)
1.Cut the tissue paper in a 6 or 8 inch square.
2.Cut the ribbon 6 inches long.
3.Place the lollipop in the center of the tissue paper.
4.Wrap tissue paper around lollipop.
5.Wrap ribbon around base of lollipop & tie in a bow.
6.Draw a face on the tissue paper & enjoy!

candycorn Skeleton Person Materials:
2 large sheets of white paper
Heavy black felt-tip pen or black crayon
Crayons (all colors)
1.In heavy black felt-tip or crayon, draw a
skeleton on one of the large sheets of white paper.
2.Place another sheet of paper over the skeleton.
Tape them together so they won't slip apart.
3.Draw a second picture on the outer sheet of paper,
covering the skeleton with a face, hands, clothes,
and shoes.
4.Tape the resulting picture to the window with a
light behind it or hold it up to a lamp, so that the
skeleton shows through the person.

candycorn Gauze Ghost
Note! Kids, please get Mom or Dads help with the ghosts.
6" square of surgical gauze or cheesecloth
Liquid starch
Empty soap or drink bottle
Black felt-tip pen String
1.Use the scissors to round the corners of the 6"
gazes or cheesecloth.
2.Pour the liquid starch into a bowl and dip the
gauze or cheesecloth in it completely.
3.Set the bottle on the newspaper.
4.Drape the wet gauze or cheesecloth over the bottle
and allow it to dry for 24 hours.
5.After completely dry, use the black felt-tip pen to
draw a face on the ghost.
6.Place the ghost on your table for a centerpiece.

candycorn Tissue Ghost
You Need:
Tissue Paper
String or Thread
Black Marker

1.Take a few sheets of tissue & form a ball.
2.Wrap another piece of tissue paper around ball.
3.Tie string or thread around the head.
4.Draw face on the ghost.
5.Run string through top to hang.

candycorn Popcorn Hand
You Need:
1 Plastic Glove
5 Candy Corns
1 or 2 Cups Of Popcorn(we use both regular and cheese)
1 Plastic Spider Ring
1 Ribbon or Tie
1. Put 1 candy corn in each finger of the glove.
2. Fill the glove with popcorn, but not to the top.
We put the cheese popcorn for the fingers.
3. Tie shut the glove using the ribbon or tie.
4. Cut the back of the spider ring.
5. Put the ring on one finger.

candycorn Candy Corn Drop
You will need candy corn and a plastic jar.
*Set the jar on the floor
*Give each player 15 pieces of candy corn.
*Each player stands next to the far and tries to
drop his or her candies into jar.
*The player who drops the most pieces into the
jar is the winner!

candycorn Musical Ghost
You will need:
A clean white sock
Small wrapped candies
A black washable marker
A piece of yarn or ribbon
A cassette tape and player

1.Fill the sock with the candies.
2.Tie yarn or ribbon around the open end to the sock.
3.Draw a scary ghost face on the toe end of the sock.
4.One person is chosen to start and stop the music.
5.The other players stand in a circle.
6.Players pass the sock around the circle
while the music is playing. 7.When the music stops, the person who is
holding the sock is out.
8.Play continues until only one player is left.
That person is the winner!

candycorn Apple On A String
You will need:
String and a scissors

1.Hang the apples from the ceiling on long pieces of string.
2.Say "go" and have the players
eat the apples without using their hands!
3.The first player done is the winner!

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