Trick Or Treaters

~Here are some games & fun for kids!
Hope you enjoy them.~

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Graveyard Walk
You will need:
Black Construction Paper
Halloween Music
White Magic Markers

1.Cut out black construction paper into the shape of small tombstones.
2.With marker, mark tombstones with numbers.

This game is played like cake walk, only when the music stops,
call out a number & whoever is on that number, wins!

Cut out a piece of paper big enough to cut into the shape of a coffin.
Instead of using chairs, the kids lay in the coffin.

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Musical Ghost
You will need:
A clean white sock
Small wrapped candies
A black washable marker
A piece of yarn or ribbon
A cassette tape and player

1.Fill the sock with the candies.
2.Tie yarn or ribbon around the open end to the sock.
3.Draw a scary ghost face on the toe end of the sock.
4.One person is chosen to start and stop the music.
5.The other players stand in a circle.
6.Players pass the sock around the circle
while the music is playing. 7.When the music stops, the person who is
holding the sock is out.
8.Play continues until only one player is left.
That person is the winner!

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Apple On A String
You will need:
String and a scissors

1.Hang the apples from the ceiling on long pieces of string.
2.Say "go" and have the players
eat the apples without using their hands!
3.The first player done is the winner!
Note:you also can use donuts or marshmellows for the little ones.

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Ghost Bowling
You will need:
10 Empty Soda Bottles
Small Gourd
White and Orange Paint

1.Paint the gourd orange and the bottles white.
2.Set up the pins-soda bottles.
3.Use the gourd as a bowling ball.
4.Have fun!!

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Frankenstein Scavenger Hunt
You will need:
2 ears of corn
Small pumpkin
Elbow macaroni

1.Make up a list of 10-15 things (body parts).
2.Pair people up and send them out to find the parts.
3.Whoever finds the body part first wins.
4.Then have fun putting the body together!

Or, here is another idea for this game:
Buy a frankenstein door hanging decoration.
Cut him out into an appropriate umber of parts
hands,arms,legs,feet,etc)depending on how many
players you have.
Then tape the parts together, and the one that has the last piece wins!

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Mummy Game
You will need:
A few rolls of toilet paper

1.Break up into groups of 3 to 4 people.
2.Have one person stand in the middle of the group.
3.The others wrap the person up in the toilet paper like a mummy.
4.The first group done wins!

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Slimey Game
Note:This game may be messy!
You will need:
Cooked spaghetti (use oil on so as it don't stick together)
Gummi worms
Blind folds
1.Put the spaghetti and gummi worms in a three bowls
so three children can play against each other.
2.Place blind folds on them so they cannot see the worms in the bowl.
3.Go for 20 seconds and see who can get the most worms
out of the bowl and on to the table in that amount of time.
4.The one with the most wins!

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