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Witches Fingers

1 cup butter,softened   
1 cup icing sugar   
1 egg   
1 tsp. almond extract 
1 tsp. vanilla   
3/4 cups flour  
1 tsp. baking powder 
1 tsp. salt 
3/4 cup whole blanched almonds   
1 tube red decorator gel 

 In bowl beat together butter, sugar, egg, 
almond extract and vanilla; beat in flour;
baking powder and salt. 
 Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Working with
one-quarter of the dough at a time and keeping 
remaining dough refrigerated, roll heaping teaspoons 
full of dough into finger shape for each cookie. 
Press almond firmly into one end for nail.
 Squeeze in center to create knuckle shape. 
Using a paring knife make slashes in several places 
to form knuckle.
 Place on lightly greased cookie sheet in 325 
degree oven for 20-25 minutes or until pale or golden.
 Lift up almond; squeeze red decorator gel onto nail 
bed and press almond back in place so gel oozes out 
from underneath. Remove from cookie sheet and let cool.
Repeat with remaining dough.