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    Christmas is a special time for kids! Here are some fun and games that we hope you enjoy!We will be adding to this page often so stop by again :o)

Pooh and Piglet

Christmas Word Searches

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Santa Mickey

Coloring Pages

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Tweety Lights

Online Java-based Games

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Pooh And Piglet

Crafts For Kids

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Minnie Baking

Recipes For Kids

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Reindeer Food

Raw Oatmeal
Glitter (any color)
Snack-size baggies
Paper or cardstock
Glue, optional

1.Pour about 1/8 cup of oatmeal in snack-size baggie.
2.Add some glitter. Close baggie.
3.Attach with ribbon (or glue)to the front of the
baggie the following message. Write, type or copy the
following message:
On Christmas Eve, sprinkle this wonderful Reindeer Food on your lawn.
The shiny glitter will sparkle in the moonlight and the smell of oats
will guide Rudolph to your home.

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