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~ Here are some cross stitching and quilting sayings that I have found on the web.If you have any to share, please email me and I will add them to this page :o) ~

I started a cross stitch the other day
I've started at least a hundred and one,
and only a handful of those are done.
My problem is simple and plain and easy to see;
I'm hooked on cross stitch, It's not as bad as could be.
I don't drink or gamble, I just sit and stitch.
This is my weakness, my passion, my itch.
Each project I buy is exciting and new,
I can't wait to get started, so that's what I do.
I stitch on the new piece, forgetting the old.
That makes one more piece that I'm putting on hold.
If I bought no more projects ever again,
I'd still never finish if I live to one hundred and ten.
So I'll keep right on buying forever more.
(I'm a preferred customer at my local stitch store.)
And when my time comes, in stitchers heaven I'll be.
With enough unfinished project to last through eternity.
I'll sit and I'll stitch all the day through.
And I may finish a project, perhaps even two!
~You know your a stitcher when...~ ~Your family members always seem to find your lost needles by stepping on them, no matter how hard you look for them~ ~You have the full set of DMC floss~ ~Your family eats out more than once a week because you are too busy stitching to make supper~ ~You have a huge stash already, but you really need that chart because you may stitch it one day~
This quilt with stitches, strong and true Holds all the love I have for you; No antique treasure, or work of art, Just the simple gift of a mother's heart. Gay Patches with some dark mixed in The way my love for you has been; Joy and pride some worry too Evenings waiting up for you. As I placed each stitch with patient care I thought of you and breathed a prayer, That God would keep you safe tonight And show me the way to guide you right. Now you are grown my job is through As the quilt is bound and finished too; It holds my love and faith and care To travel with you everywhere. It may not seem important now, But keep it safely anyhow; And when there's no one else to care You'll find my love still waiting there. To hold you warmly for a while And see you through a time of trial, No antique treasure or work of art Just the simple gift of a mother's heart. Author Unknown


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