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Craft A Day

    Here are some pictures of some projects I have completed.If you would like to see a bigger picture, just click on the thumbnail for a larger view.
    I hope to adding more photos soon.


Cross Stitching Projects

I collect Precious Moments and this is one of many I have made of them.
I made this picture in honor of my mother who passed away in 1977.She loved these characters.
I made this cross-stitch quilt while on 3 months bed rest while pregnant our middle daughter.I had lots of time to stitch then :o)
This is an easy Halloween towel.
These are some magnets and small projects I have done.
I love Cherished Teddies.This one is for Halloween.
This from a book by Lynn Waters Busa.
Another Lynn Waters Busa design
Another towel...

Quilting Projects

This is my first attempt at quilting :o)
This is from a Debbie Mumm Christmas Book.

Plastic Canvas Projects

I made this a few years ago.I enjoy plastic canvas along with cross-stitching.
Another Halloween plastic canvas...

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