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Welcome To My Quilting Page!

I have just started to Quilt but I have always admired Quilts.
My favorite designer is Debb Mumm. She has very cute & easy patterns. I made a lot of Cookie Cutter Ornaments from her book Quick Country Christmas Quilts this past Christmas. They were very fast & easy for a beginner like me!
Right now I have links to other Quilting pages, but soon I will be adding to this site with how-to's, & maybe some patterns. I hope you enjoy visiting these sites & make sure to come back as I will be adding more soon!

My favorite Quilting sites:

Debbie Mumm
Jinny Beyer
Quilt In A Day
Idaho Quilt Company
Cranston Village-Has Free Charts!


Since 1-11-99

This page last updated on 3-29-99

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