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Souls Of The Moon

How To make an application

How To

Well, better start from the start. You have to be registered in order to gain access to the form for applying a wolf. When you register use the name of your wolf. Everytime you make a new wolf PLEASE make a new account! Once in forum you go to applications. In here you will find the form you must fill out. Just copy and paste it into a word program. Then when your finished copy and paste it into a new thread titled your wolfs name. Easy as pie right? Well just in case if your new to rpging you may want to read this.
Name: Well this is simple, put your username.
Email: Again tis simple, your email.
Your Character
Name: Whats in a name? Well accually a lot. Put a lot of thought into your wolfs name, make it original. No real person names like Brittney or Joe, and it cant be two words like Silent Ice or Darkmoon. Though you may want to check out this site: in a box there you can check up name meaning and make it completly original.
Gender: The gender of your wolf doesn't really matter, as long as you don't make all females or all males, there needs to be variety, weigh the possiblitys before choosing.
Age: The age of your wolf is much easier to decide after you write the history, but if you want to make it up right away I'm not stopping you. Your wolf cannot be under 6 months old however, for any younger and its to young.
Speices: This should partain to your wolfs coat color mainly, you can also make speices up but you must include a discription. Run wild with it, or you can pick a traditional wolf speices like Arctic or Gray.
Physical Description: You must be very clear here. Describe your wolfs pelt colour, eye color, whether its missing limbs or is blind. Any scars it has and so on. If your wolf has any jewelry such as a bracelet or an earring you would also put that here. Just be creative is all I ask.
Personality: This is where you describe what your wolf acts like, again make it totally original. Please dont say He's evil, or Shes the nicest wolf ever. This is WAY to broad you need to describe how he's evil or how she's nice.
Other: Aha this is where you put anything that doesn't fit in the other catagorys. Like for instance if your wolf has a specific fear or is attracted to something. Maybe your wolf has voices in its head, put that here.
History: Right, this is the funnest part to write. It has to be quite lengthy, no 3 paragraph historys. I doubt your history could be summed up to only 3 paragraphs. Some historys I have seen are countless pages long. Make it detailed. Remember the more detailed, the better chance of it being accepted. PLEASE be careful about spelling, use a spell checker if you can.