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Souls Of The Moon

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Name: Sayavon

Name Sayavon
Gender: female
Age: 2 years old
Species: Timber
Physical Discription: Red fur with a tint of green. Eyes are a light blue. Height is 35". Weight is 70 pounds. She appears to others to be a tad bit paranoid, because she is always checking to see if she is being followed.

Personality: Her personality is very secretive she has a hard time interacting with others. When she is comfortable around some one she has a hard time knowing when to shut up. Also when she is comfortable around others she tends to ramble
on and on. She is very clumsy.

Other: She likes water, for some unknown reason, and was often teased by her siblings about it, for they had a deadly fear of the water. Sayavon will often wander off to find water, and can play in it for hours. She hates snakes, because when she was younger one invaded the den and rubbed up against her, scaring her out of a peaceful dream. Even though the snake was not poisonous she has been afraid of them ever since. Sayavon loves her pack, and will die trying to defend it. There for has very little trust of any different pack. She finds it hard to trust anyone who is not a Timber wolf, or at least in her pack. Sayavon will grow to trust those of a different species over time.

At the age of 3 months Sayavon wandered away from her mother, and in doing so she gets lost. For 3 days she was alone in the wilderness without her mother to
reassure her everything is alright, she didn't know what to eat, though she probably couldn't eat it anyway. When her mother found her she was very week and was very close to death. She had 'insulted' though she is not sure how, a wolf from a different crueler pack. After her mistake of insulting him she had fled, and he had followed. Ever since then Sayavon has been very wary about not to meddle with other people, or to get them mad.

Sayavons mother died when Sayavon was 5 months, her mother dead because of an attack, an attack by the wolf who had vowed his vengeance upon her. After her
mother's death she was traumatized, the whole pack had kept a very close eye on her, fearing that she to may pass away because of her mothers death.. Every thing went well for a while.

When she was a year old her pack figured that she would be fine and went on with their lives, and allowed her to live her own. She decided to go and explore the wilderness this time knowing what to avoid. She ran into another pack not paying attention to where she was going, the same thing she had done before, except that this time she was going to, at all cost avoid insulting someone. I the turn of events, Sayavon is lead to the belief that she was very clumsy.

 She was one and a half she wanders off from her pack, again, and ends up far away from her pack, and clueless to the way back. She sat there for awhile, wondering how she was going to get back to the pack. Eventually Sayavon head the way she thinks she came, but it ended up not being the way. Soon she is lost even more, but soon her pack finds her, after a desperate search, for she was the Jem of the pack.

Sayavon left the pack again, for there was a shortage of food in her lands, though it was the hardest thing Sayavon had ever done. She was scared... For who knows... He might still be out there. The wolf that had killed to get to her... He had almost got her... Who was to say he wouldn't try again?

When Sayavon is two years old she is as much herself as she ever thought she could be. She is so happy, and so chatty you don't want to get into a conversation with her. She will drive you insane. She is a clumsy, talkative, paranoid wolf.

Phoenix Fire                                                              Admin
Ok, there was a few things, but I just fixed them for you. Now that those few things are taken care of, I'm glad to say Accepted!! You will recieve an email with the password into the forum. From there you can post to join a pack or stay a loner.