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Souls Of The Moon

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Name: Sarah cloutier
Name: Kael
Name Meaning: mighty warrior
Gender: male
Age: 1 year, 3 months
Species: gray

Physical Description: Kael is a pretty average size wolf at about 26 inches. His coat is a dark black with white tips so from a distance he would appear to be gray. His eyes are black and  are very fiendish looking. He also has an earring on his left ear tip and a small scar across his right eye.

Personality: He is very protective of his sister and is strong in combat. He likes to take matters into his own hands and always does things for himself. He doesnt like wolves to lie or be lied to and hates letting things go undone. If he starts something, he will finish it.

Other: Kael has two faces. One that looks out for friends and family and another that makes him a blood thirsty demon.


4 months

Kael followed his mother while she went out hunting. It was a crisp morning and the dew was still fresh. She saw a rabbit and darted after it. The rodent couldnt  out run her but it was running toward a cliff and Kael screamed  "Watch out!" His mother was focused on the rabbit but just before the rabbit ran off the edge, he darted out of the way and Kael watched his mom run off the cliff. She scrambled to stop herself but she was at full speed. Kael ran over to the cliff and saw his mother lying at the bottom. He found a safe route to the ground and went over to his mom. She was lying with her back towards him so he went over to the other side. She must have hit her face on a rock or landed on it because her face was covered in blood and her
jaw was out of place. He went back to the den and was crying the whole way. His little sister, Ratana, was asleep when he came in so he went back out side. She slept a lot because she was born sickly and she couldnt get help until their uncle came back from the river with the healing plant.

5 months

A week ago Kaels uncle came back only to find out his only sister was gone and his niece and nephew were fending for themselves. He went into grieving and
had not taken the liberty to find another female to take care of the young pups.
Ratana was now getting better but was still weak. She could now walk and eat by herself. Kael had gone out that night to check on his uncle when another wolf
snuck in to the den. Kael ran back in there and the wolf was just about to strike Ratana when Kael jumped in front of him. He scratched the other wolf in the face and  the other wolf hit him with his paw in the right eye and caught the eyelid with his claw. Then his uncle came in and helped defend the little pup. Kael protected his sister all night and he never left her side until the sun rose. Even then he watched everything and everyone with a wary eye. They never saw that wolf again.

6  months

It had been almost two months since their mother died and Ratana was much better. She was now able to fend for herself and hated that her brother was so
protective. They would play fight to help build their muscles and hunting skills. Their uncle had died of old age and the rest of the pack  had left the pups on their own. They had nothing to do with the well being of the group so there they were. All alone in the middle of the vast, empty, forest. Kael knew there were packs on a nearby mountain, he wanted to see if he could join one. But Rantana wanted to continue wandering.
They decided to go their separate ways and left each other some thing they had found. Ratana gave Kael an earring and Kael gave her a blue bracelet encrested
with the Japanese symbol for peace and Kael left in great hopes that she would be ok and that he would be accepted.

One year

Kael met a pack on the way to the mountain. He tried to gain acceptance but he was rejected. He became a loner for the next 3 months. He was getting very lonely and finally decided it was time to try to join a pack once more, a pack that lived on Hiruneside Mountain.

Phoenix Fire                                                              Admin
There were a few things that had to be taken care of, but since we have that all sorted out, I would like to say Accepted. You will recieve an email with the password into the forum. In the forum you can post to try to join a pack or stay a loner.