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Welcome to my Christmas Crafts Page!

  I just love doing crafts of all kinds,especially at Christmas time!
  Here are some quick & easy crafts for the whole family to do for Christmas.Many make wonderful gifts to give.
  I will be adding more as time permits, so come back again.


button1 Bear Wreath button2 Evergreen Garland button3 Cinnamon Ornaments
button4 Make a Yule Log button Tin Can Luminaries button1 Crocheted Snowflake #1
button2 Crocheted Snowflake #2 button3 Crocheted Snowflake #3 button4 Crocheted Snowflake #4
button5 Lightbulb Angel button1 Terra Cotta Angel button2 Glass Ball Ornament
button3 Angel Ornament button4 Christmas Ripple Afghan button5 Yuletide Angel


Kids Crafts

button1 Mouse Candy Cane Holder button2 Reindeer Food button3 Pine Cone Bird Feeder
button4 Paper Chain Countdown button5 Barrett Holder button1 Reindeer Ornaments
button2 Popcorn & Candy Garland button3 Sleeping Mouse button4 Clothespin Reindeer Ornament
button5 Santa Pencil button1 button2


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This page last updated on 11-16-99

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