Sleeping Mouse

Half of a walnut shell
2 plastic eyes (small)
1 large round gray or white puff ball, whatever color you
want your mouse.It has to be small enough to fit inside
the walnut shell.
2 small grey or white puff balls for the ears.
1 medium size puff ball.
Any color ribbon about 5 inches long.
A miniature Santa hat, optional
A glue gun 

1.Make sure you have a piece of newspaper on a table 
or on the floor.
2.Lay out materials out on the newspaper. Heat the glue gun up.
3.Put a dot of glue in the walnut half and stick the large 
puff ball inside it.
4.Then put a dot of glue on the medium size ball where
the head should go.
5.Next you take the two small eyes and glue to the head.
6.Then you put on the ears, take the small 
puff ball and place them above the head and glue on.
7.Then you take the ribbon glue to the bottom of the 
walnut then tie it at the top.
8.You can hang it on your tree of use for 
house decorations.