Mouse Candy Cane Holder

You need:
6 inch candy canes 
Red felt 
Moveable eyes 
White yarn 
Sewing needle with large eye for threading yarn 
Hot glue gun or white craft glue 
Pink pipe cleaners for whiskers
Polyester stuffing 

1.Cut two 3 inch ovals from red felt for the mouse's body. 
Place ovals together for sewing. 
2.Using the white yarn, sew around the ovals,
leaving a one inch opening at one end of the oval. 
3.Stuff the oval pillow with polyester stuffing. 
4.Glue two eyes at the other end of the oval. 
5.Thread through two 3 inch pieces of pink
pipe cleaner under the eyes,for the whiskers. 
6.At the open end, carefully place in the candy 
cane, this is the tail.