Clothespin Reindeer Ornament

3 Wooden Clothespins 
Brown,red,white,black,and green paint 
Paint brush 
Craft glue 

1.Paint all the clothespins brown.
2.Pick two of the clothespins and paint the
prong edges black to represent hoofs,then
let paint dry. 
3.Glue the two clothespins together, this will
end up being the reindeer body and 4 legs. 
4.Take the third clothespin, turn it upside
down and paint a face on handle of the clothespin. 
5.Once the paint is dry, glue the clothespin
face to the handle of the clothespin body.
6.Tie a thin string or thread around the
reindeer neck and tie in a knot, then tie the
ends of the sting together in a tight knot.