Santa Pencil

Pencil (red & green)
Styrofoam ball, about 1 to 1 1/2 inches
Red Felt
Cotton Balls
Red & black felt tip pens

1.Stick the pointed end of the pencil halfway
into the styrofoam ball.
2.Remove the ball, add a little glue to the eraser
end of the pencil, and insert the eraser end of 
the pencil into the ball.
3.Cut the felt into a square, and then fold or roll
it into a cone shape for a hat.
4.Glue the hat together, and then glut it into 
the ball.
5.Using the felt-tip pens,draw a face on the ball.
6.Glue cotton balls onto the styrofoam ball for
a beard,hat trim,and hat topper.