Angel Ornament

20" of 4" wide gathered lace 
10" of 1" wide gathered lace 
7/8" round wood bead
Craft hair 
1 square of white felt 
Paint - brown or blue for eyes, red for lips 
Craft wire 
Braided cord 
2 small pearls 
Hot glue gun 

1.Gather 20" piece of 4" wide lace on wire and 
twist wire together for dress.
2.Hot glue wood bead on top of gathered lace.
3.Gather 10" piece of 1" wide lace on wire 
for collar,twist closed around base of head.
4.Make wings out of felt in shape of a butterfly.
5.Cut a piece of braided cord about 8" long, 
fold in half and knot the two ends together.
6.Glue to top of the bead. 
7.Glue craft hair on the top of the bead.
8.Glue wings to the back of angel.
9.Glue 2 small pearls to front of collar.
10.Paint eyes and mouth on wood bead for face.