Santa or Snowman Candy Jar

1 large jar
1 large styrofoam ball
Kid's size red sock
Moveable eyes
1/4" red pom pom 
3" piece of red pipe cleaner 
Large handful of cotton balls and a piece of paper 
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

1.Set the styrofoam ball on top of the jar.
2. Glue on the eyes, the red pom pom for a nose, shape the red pipe cleaner 
into a smile and glue it on.
3.For the snowman, you can substitute three 1/4" black pom poms 
for the pipe cleaner.
4.For Santa: cut a beard out of paper and glue on cotton balls to cover.
5.Glue the beard to the styrofoam ball. 
6.Create a tongue with the child's sock- turn the sock inside out. At the 
ankle (just where the foot joins the ankle) tie the string around the sock 
and knot tightly. Cut the foot off the sock about 1/2" above the knot. 
Turn the ankle part right side out. 
Turn up the rim of the sock and glue the tongue on the head. 
7.Fill the glass or jar with candy and set the santa or snowman hat on top.