Terra Cotta Angel

Terra Cotta Pot 
Wooden ball  
Beads or Spools
2 inch wide ribbon 

1.Turn the terra cotta pot upside down and
paint it to look like the angels dress. (painting
it a single color will also work) 
2.Paint the wooden ball a skin color.
3.Once the paint is dry paint eyes, nose and
mouth on the wooden ball.
4.Cut a piece of yarn 2 feet in length and fold
in half.
5.Once paint on terra cotta pot is dry, string
the bent half of yarn through the hole in the
bottom of the terra cotta pot . 
6.Pull the yarn through until it hangs 3 inches
past the lip of the pot.
7.Tie a knot with the two loose ends securing
the string from slipping through the hole of the pot. 
8.Cut the bend in the string.
9.String beads onto each of the four pieces of yarn.
10.Tie each piece of yarn in a knot to keep
the beads from sliding off the yarn.
11.Glue the head onto the body .
12.Tie the ribbon in a large bow and glue to
the back of the body to make the wings .