Yuletide Angel

1 bowl, about 6 inches in diameter
1 7x7 piece of lace or netting
1/2 inch diameter bead
2 gold tinsel pipe cleaners
5 inches of 1-inch wide ribbon
clear drying glue

1.Place the bowl on top of the lace and trace around it
with a pen.
2.Cut out the lace circle just inside the pen line.
3.Place the bead on the fabric with the hole running
straight up and down.
4.Gather the lace around the bead.
5.Wrap a pipe cleaner around the lace just under the bead 
and twist to secure.
6.Do not trim the ends of the pipe cleaner.
7.To make the wings, place the ribbon shiney side down
in front of you.
8.Loop one end around and glue it to the middle of the ribbon.
9.Repeat with the other end of the ribbon.
10.Hold the ends in place until the glue sets.
11.Pinch the wings together in the center and hold them
just under the angels head,on top of the pipe cleaner.
12.Twist the pipe cleaner around the middle of the wings
to attach them to the body.
13.Trim the ends of the pipe cleaner.
14.To make the halo, wrap a pipe cleaner around a pencil
to form a circle.
15.Twist the pipe cleaner to secure it around the pencil.
16.Slide the pencil out of the pipe cleaner circle.
17. Trim off one end of the pipe cleaner right next
to the circle.
18.Trim off all but 1/2 inch of the other end of the 
pipe cleaner.
19.Apply glue to the 1/2 inch section of pipe cleaner.
20.Force the pipe cleaner through the fabric and into
the hole in the top of the head.