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Creatures Of Lirit

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Rules, rules, rules...

All the rules on this page MUST be followed, or you risk your character.

1. Respect your fellow players. If you are mad at someone OOC your character may not be mad at them in the game.
2. You cannot powerplay!!
3. No swearing!!
4. Post in 3rd person, never in 2nd or 1st.
5. Your post must be at least 2 paragraphs long.
6. We realize you cannot be on 24/7 but try to post at least twice a week unless you inform us of otherwise.
7. Your character can and will die, whether it be from a fight or old age.
8. When breeding/mating post in short term. Example: The blanket slipped off her naked body, and neither was seen for the rest of the night! If you do it the long and discriptive way you WILL be deleted! This site is not rated mature, lets keep it that way.
9. Bloody battles are allowed, but please try to not to be overly graphic.
10. No arguing with the admin! What they say goes.
11. The most important rule: Have fun!!! Thats what this is for you know!