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Creatures Of Lirit

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This race is the ‘high and mighty’ race of Lirit. They tend to blame the humans and other races for the troubles of the world. They consider themselves the only race without sin, but there are those among them who see their folly. They try to show the elven race what they see, but more often than not they ignore them.

The elves look much like humans, though they have high cheek bones, and are more delicate. They tend to be vicious fighters, and awesome spell casters. They are the most beautiful humanoid race, and the longest living.

There are several types of elves,

Dark elf: The dark elf tends to live under ground, or in dark places. The sun hurts their eyes and skin. The dark elves skin is dark black, not brown. Their eyes tend to be red. If they travel in the day they are heavily cloaked, the clothing covering their skin.

Sky elf: These elves tend to live in open sky, studying the stars and sun. They have the skin of a normal elf, but their eyes tend to be yellow or gold.

Wood elf: The wood elf lives in the woods. Being a master of plants and animals. They tend to have normal eyes and pale skin.

Age: The elves can live to be thousands of years old.

1-75- child

75-130- teenager

130-death- adult

Height- Female- 5’0’’- 5’9’’

Male- 5’1’’- 6’1’’


Elf Female


Elf Male