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Creatures Of Lirit

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The master miner of the stone. The crafts master of the world. The dwarf, a small sturdy fellow with arms of steel, and the love of a stone teddy bear. He stays among his mountain halls, mining, forging, and creating. Every new idea takes shape in the halls of stone, though not all are appreciated. The dwarf is the sturdiest of races, and the shortest. They live in the halls of stone made by their ancestors.

The dwarves are known for their stubborn minds, and their short builds, they are not the shortest race, just the best fighters. I’d personally hate to catch one of them down a dark alley, especially when they are drunk. The dwarf has one weakness, strong drink. They’ll get roaring drunk in approximately 15 minutes after starting a drinking night. They also wipe out the inn keep’s best keg of ale.

Dwarfs who don’t take to adventuring life, but don’t like the halls of their ancestors, will settle in a human or gnomish town, a settle for black smithing or carpentry. They’ll do so with out the approval of the clan of course, for if they were to ask permission form the council of his clan there wouldn’t even need be the trail, he’d be so humiliated that the poor dwarf would most likely run away anyway.

The dwarves have a ‘mistrust’ of other races, most especially elves. There used to be alliance with the dwarves and elves, but it was shattered. No one knows how or even when it was shattered, but the dwarves see it as no big deal, and the elves see it a sign that they were not supposed to remember. The elves and dwarves had long ago built magnificent cities together, combining magic and masonry to perfect the cities, making them well protected and beautiful.

Height- Female: 4’-4’8’’

Male: 4’2’’- 4’9’’

Age: The dwarf has a longer life span than humans:

1-34: Child through teenager

34- 100- adult

100-death: Grandpa

Most dwarves are still active when they reach 100, for 100 is when they truly begin to age.


Dwarf Female


Dwarf Male