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Creatures Of Lirit

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The human race is some of the smartest, though most other races think not. The human is open to new ideas and cultures. They welcome change, when other races fear it. The human is the most well known race. They are brave, and some fearless. Their bravery has won many battles, if not their intense pride. Humans are also seen as people who charge blindly into battle, their swords flashing, and arrows flying, and this is true, but they see it as battle thinking, or thinking of your feet.

The human race’s past is the one with the most history, not because of how short of time they live, but because they welcome change, and change brings new things to write about. The human is the shortest lived race, but it doesn’t mind them too much.

Height- Female- 5’0’’- 5’9’’…

Male- 5’1’’- 6’1’’…

The humans can get taller than this.

Age: The average age span for a human is 70 years, though they can live less or more.

1-19- child through teenager

19-death- adult


Human Male


Human Female