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Creatures Of Lirit

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Out look: This fun loving race can be found scattered over the continent. They traveled from across the sea’s, their huge ships most unusual, having a strangely powered way of moving. A huge engine they called it, propelled the crafts forward, but apparently once started they are impossible to stop. For when the gnomes reached the docks of Jyend. The damage costs were very, very high.

Gnomes are known for their love of the wilderness and plants. They can spend hours in a small field, admiring a single flower. Or spend days in a garden, coaxing plants to grow. To farmers, having a gnome around is good luck, and it seems to the farmers that when a gnome is around the plants grow faster, it rains more, the sun is more nourishing, and the soil more fertile.

Gnomes may seem to just be the tree hugger type, but there are actually two other sides to a gnome. The coolest side is the inventive side. A gnome can build a machine, step by step in his head, and do the (almost) exact same thing with material objects. To most the gnomes inventions all ways seem to go array, blowing up or doing the exact opposite of what they were meant to do. Any gnome you tell this will indignantly tell you it did what it was supposed to do exactly. Warning when they get in the inventive mood (24/7) stay away from anything that looks dangerous.

The other side to the gnome is the prankster. Gnomes love to play stupid pranks, which are in no way funny, except to them. A favorite of the gnome people is the banana peel. They find this the most hilarious thing they have ever seen, though it is funnier if it works.

All in all the gnomes are a fun loving race who like1. Plants and the wilderness. 2. To invent things. And 3. To play stupid pranks. The gnome is a honorable fighter, when your looking, and is a fun charrie to play.

Size: Female- 3.5 ft to 4 ft.

Male: 3.7 ft-4.3ft

Looks: Anything your little heart desires

Ages: The average age span of a gnome is 190 years. They age slower than humans, and thus are considered a child longer than humans. The gnome is considered a child-teen till he/she is 35 years old.