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Dragon Application


Name: DragonSclaejh



Name: Dragon: Fyire, known to humans as Jaded Fire.

Elf: Syuna Fy’mi

Human: Rakavitn Bladesea

Gender: Male

Race: Dragon

Color: half and half, part the metallic gold dragon, and half blue dragon (yes I know this isn’t possible in most worlds, but hey.)

Age: 400

Physical Description: Fyire has three basic forms, dragon, and elf and human, here are the three descriptions of each separate one.

Fyire- In this form Fyire is huge, one of the largest of his kind, though he is still young he is considered ‘humongojam’ to humans. He stands higher than even the ancients, and is wings are twice as big. Due to his parentage Fyire has two sets of wings, one sail, and one normal set. The wings are both twice as large as the normal dragons, and both make him very fast. He can out race even the fastest of his kind, and can keep his speed for days.

Fyire’s scales are gold, gold splotched with the sky. His metallic gold scales are splotched with the color of his blue father, making his sunlight gold scales look like they are covered by parts of the night sky. Fyire also has huge spikes running down his back and two horns circling his face. Fyire is blind in all three of his forms, and fights by sound alone. His eyes are a blue, and sometimes gray. He is extremely good looking in all his forms, be it dragon, elf or human.

Syuna Fy’mi- This is Fyire’s elf form, a cute wood elf, a wood elf with gray eyes. He is tall standing 6’3’’ and weighing only about 120 pounds. His hair is golden, like that of his scales, and in the right light his skin seems to be tinted blue/gold. He is an excellent shot with the bow, but tends to use a staff instead.

Rakavitn Bladesea- in this form Fyire appears as a human, his skin brown, and his hair black and long. On his chest Rakavitn has a green tattoo all the way around his back to the front of his chest again. The tattoo is to remind him of his heritage, though he is blind and thus can’t see the tattoo. In this form Fyire fights with twin blades, though he also has a staff.

Personality: Since he was born Fyire has been an outcast, for he was born to a gold mother of a blue father. He was born blind at birth, and he was huge. His mother had been tiny, and his blue father huge. He is a quiet voiced young dragon, though he does have sudden temper bursts, and can turn violent, he doesn’t do this very often.

Fyire is blind and so has seen the world through his heart. He has a much clearer view of the world than most. He uses a stick walk and in defense, and often will wear his face covered, so none can see his eyes.

Other: Fyire is a strong magic user. He uses the magic of shape shifting, and of nature. He can call the aid of the forest to him, and use his magic to shift to a different form, though he is still a dragon at heart. Fyire doesn’t fly much do to his blindness, preferring solid ground. Fyire fears nothing and no fear can over throw him. He cannot see, so his eyes cannot deceive him. Fyire, in his other forms is good with any weapon, and is known as a master of blades. When Fyire uses his breathing method as self defense he must be in his dragon form, and when he does he breaths lighting and the hot air of a gold dragon. Alarmingly he also breaths molten gold.


History: (Coming later)

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Of course it is Accepted! Though you could have left out the part about him being good looking in all of his forms lol! Anywho you'll be receiving an email with the forum password.