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Creatures Of Lirit

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Human Application


Name: Jessica



Name: Fenix

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Good or Evil: Evil

Other: He is a assasin for townfolk. He used to be a dragon hunter but, he quit that. He was never that fond of magic users but he use's some magic himself. He'll kill anybody who dares to get in his way.

Physical Discription: He wears a red tunic, his hair is red and some strands are silver. His hair is spiky, and he has a scar on his right cheek. He is 5'9''. He's of average weight. He uses a cutlass for his weapon and his eyes are sharp as a hawks, they are red.

History: (optional)

PhoenixFire                                           Admin

Well, could have had a bit more detail, but Accepted. You will not be recieving an email, as I can just tell you what the password is.