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Dwarf Application


Name: Dragonscalejh



Name: Castanie Fina Bladehammer (Cast-a-nie Fine-a Blade-hammer)

Race: Dwarf

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Physical Appearance: Castanie is a stout fellow with a big heart. He stands 4’3’’, his hair is a flaming red with a beard to match. His ears are huge and his nose bigger than… normal. He looks like a typical Irish man. His feet can almost be labeled boats, and Castanie has enough hair to cover a dog, alarmingly every single hair is red.

Castanie’s pride and joy is his beard. It is neither to long nor to short. The red hair is thick, and several shades of red. Castanie often wears his beard with braids, two flowing braids down the front.Castanie’s head hair is long and thick, he keeps it out of his face by throwing it back in a pony tail.

Castanie wears a tough leather armor that you can maneuver in easily. This is the armor he wears most often. But he also has ceremonial armor. This armor was beautifully engraved, with dragons upon the chest, legs, arms and back. This he made with his own hand, beating the metal to his hearts content. Castanie used his armor as his ‘ageing day’. Ageing day in Castanie’s family is on the 29 year of a dwarf’s life. The helm of Castanie’s armor is most spectacular, being speckled with gold plating. Two curved rams horns curve down by his face, giving him an evil look.

Castanie wields a massive battle axe, Sy’ent or Dragons breath. The axe is given its name by a story; the axe was made of the molten metals of the brass, bronze and silver dragon, and the forge’s heat was a golden dragons breath. The axe was give to Castien, the great, great, great, great, grandfather of Castanie. Soon after the gift was made Castien was ambushed by a gang of trolls, all but himself were killed. The axe, responding to it’s masters situation, burned with the heat of its molten metals. Anything it touched, besides the wielder, would be burned to death instantaneously.

Castanie’s eyes are the weirdest thing on him, being gold. Gold speckled blue. Castanie has not the slightest clue why his eyes are like this, for he was born with blue (I will tell you why in other) Castanie’s eyes clash horribly with his flaming red hair.

Personality: Castanie has a big heart. He can care for even his enemies, and will help ALMOST anyone. Castanie finds it hard to hate, for why waste your time hating someone when you can be friends and go fishing, as long as Castanie is a mile away from the water.

Castanie has a weakness for a good drink, as does any dwarf. It is his personal saying that if the room is spinning but you are not, he’s only half finished. Strangely Castanie recovers from his drinking quickly, by dawn he is wide awake with a head ache that can be compared with nine dwarven metal smiths banging on his head.

Castanie loves the battling arts. He can fight with dual weapons, any type of axe and a dagger. Castanie enjoys a good joist. Often he will ask a friend to help train. It seems to most that Castanie wins most of his ‘play fights’ thus he must have found some way to cheat, which is very untrue. Castanie is very honorable, he wont slit an enemies throat while he sleeps. While he’s awake though… Well that’s a different matter.

Good or Evil: Good

Other: Castanie has a deathly fear of water, and he has no clue why. I know the reason though and it is because when he was a baby he was almost drowned. ( I made him up I should know!!) The memory of the water lives with him still. The lurking depths… The grey murky depths… The feeling of sucking in water and not air. Where did these memories come from? Why were they there? You will never find him within 1 mile of the water if he can help it, unless it is less than a foot deep.

This is where I explain what occurred with Castanie’s eyes. The elf who had rescued him had unknowingly place a bond between she and Castanie. The bond grew as Castanie forgot, and a small thing of memory, so that he would have something to remember by, but alas, he had forgotten and even time cannot heal the memory of one who was lost. The bond grows with each passing day, and the closer the elf is the Castanie the stronger it feels. The strange bonds that can be formed as a baby can almost never be broken…

History: The great Dwarven Kingdom of Wyvnd, said to be one of the greatest kingdoms on the face of the planet, home to thousands. The great kingdom of vast chambers and halls, of fresh meat off the bone, and roaring fires. Molten metals, rare gems, and what most are proud to call home. But there among the glory lies a great evil, an evil rising from the deeps to take its revenge.

(Memory from a dwarf named Clinei.) It is so dark! There is no light, only shadows. The air is filled with the stench of death, and almost impossible to breathe. I am so lost! They told me glory, and treasure was all that I would find down here, but I found more… So much more. The dead have come… They are seeking there revenge. They told me. I heard them whispering in the halls, telling me to warn them. But I did not heed, I found the treasure of the kings… I found it, piled as high as a mountain, glittering. And there were bodies… Bodies littering the floor among the treasure. The grinning skulls told me of death… But again I did not heed. Then I found the kings… They were sitting on their thrones… The greatest seated on a throne of pearl and ivory. He was the founder! I was certain of it! There was… Something kneeling at his feet… I could not help myself, I went to see who… or what desecrated the throne of the king, for it was not dwarven. I… I slowly started up the stairs to the throne… And what I saw surprised me, the thing was still breathing! Shocking blue hair flowed down the back of one who was an elf… Metal decorations decorated her ears… And the black cloak around her shoulders moved slightly with breath… I drew my axe, furious with one who would enter our kingdom and desecrate the body of a lord. Her hand shot up, telling me to stop… And I did, though not of my own will. I fought the bond, trying to break free, but it held. She laughed, a tinkling laughter, "My, my. Bravery among dwarves, that I have not seen for years." Her words were a mocking whisper, but some how strong. "I would kill you, but I need you to bear a message to your dwarven kin. Tell them I will win. Their bodies shall litter my throne, as well as your king here, his shall be first. I will bend his spirit to my will! All shall die!" She turned, her blue eyes showing no lie. Looking to me she said a few words in magic, laughed and was gone, along with the bones of the kings. I ran… I did not know what else to do… When I got home they mocked me, saying my imagination got the better of me… But I know what I say is true… I know! The only one who pays any attention to my ‘stories’ is Castanie… the only one… No one will listen… No one. The death of the dwarves is at hand… And none will heed her warning. (End of memory)

Castanie shut the cover of his friends’ journal… How he missed the old warrior, the only one to understand Castanie. Castanie wanted adventure! Not to sit around on his arse until age caught up with him. Not even his uncle would listen to him! He needed to get out of the caves and do something!!

Castanie had lived in Wyvnd for his whole life, going to the outside for trading, or with the trading caravans. He knew the outside world better than most of the others in Wyvnd… But wasn’t permitted to leave without an ‘escort’. Some home… More like a prison or a cell.

(Child hood)

The cloaked human threw the babe into the water, watching it sink. A cruel smile lit up his face. The drowned babe would be found on the banks, next to the elvin kingdom... War was sure to ensue. His mission complete the human headed off, unaware that he was being watched from across the banks.

A gentle splash hit the water, sounding like a small fish jumping. The water under the surface was dirty, caused by the sand at the bottom being disturbed by the baby’s body hitting the bottom. The babe was already not breathing when the gentle hands picked him up and carried him out of the water. Gentle hands helped clear the babe’s chest of water, and made him breathe again. A small cry told the mothering elf that he still lived. Wrapping him in a spare cloak, the elf that rescued him held him close to her chest. The babe cried in hunger, she must get it back to its’ mother, and soon. Setting off at a brisk walk the elf slowly rocked the babe, helping him to sleep. "Shhh… Your almost home…"

At the gate to the dwarven kingdom the elf was stopped, and questioned. She answered everything truly, and said she came with a child of the kings’ brother. The sentry gasped in surprise, and called out in alarm, while the elf stood, gently rocking the sleeping child.

A dwarf came barreling out of a small door on the gate, his red hair flying. "Where is my child! What have you done with him?!" The elf looked sternly at the father, "Shh… You will wake him, you must get him to his mother, so that he may be feed. Also keep him warm, he has been through much." The elf walked forward, putting the babe in the father’s arms. "Be careful with him, for he has spirit, don’t try to keep him on a leash, let him be free." Turning the elf disappeared into the mist that had followed her to the gates. The father looked after her in surprise, then looked down on the sleeping child, "You are home, Castanie."

(end of flash back)

Castanie had never been told the story if his kidnapping nor his rescuing. Through childhood Castanie was happy, but soon began drifting away from his friends, and pulling back, wishing for a better life, the life of a warrior.

(Flash Back)

Castanie had slipped past the guard, again. The world outside interested him so! But still Mama wouldn’t let him go out to explore! He was 18! What did it matter if he went on an expedition or not! A yell warned him that he had been caught, by none other than his mother. She ran down the path to where he was, screaming and waving her arms franticly. Sighing he waited for his mother to catch up.

"Yes, Ma, I know I’m in tro…" Castanie was cut off as a arrow transfixed his mother in the heart, looking down at the weapon sprouting out of her chest, Fredreatea (that is her name) slumped to the ground. Castanie stood staring at his mother, not believing what was happening.

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