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Name: Daraybade
Gender: Male
Age: 4
Species: Grey wolf / Kintol wolf
Appearance: Jet black covering everything but his stomach which is white, his head which is also white with gray, and his paws which are white. Brite green eyes. Is missing his back left paw.
Personality: Daraybade is very protective of his friends and family. If they were to be harmed he would wound horribly whoever did it. Daraybade doesn't belive killing is right, only killing for survival. But if someone were to kill his family or friends he figures that it is only fair to kill them also. He is very loyal but can forget things easily. He is also very serious but will play around if he feels like it.
Family: Mother: Reany (Unknown) Reany was the beautiful, caring, perfect mother any pup could wish for. She loved her family more then anything in the world. Her worst fear was to lose everything she knew.
Father: Quejren (Deceased) Quejren, like his mate, loved his family. When he was a pup he dreamed about how he would father his pups, and whenever he was mad at his father he would make a personal note to himself not to do that when he was older.
Brother: Terycine (Deceased) Terycine was Daraybade's favorite and only brother. He had a coat of all black. His eyes were light blue. His favorite thing to do was play tag with Daraybade or chase butterflys and mice through the prarie near their home.
Extra: Never kills rabbits, never eats rabbits, never even looks at them the wrong way, Because he had once been saved and lived with one. He dislikes wolves that are completely grey, as they remind him of the one that killed Truke. Has a special ability to converse with rabbits.
Daraybade looked at his surroundings. Trees, trees, and more trees. And out of the dark foliage of those trees were brite orbs of yellow and orange, blinking slowly. He could hear the sounds of the night, and was afraid. After all, he was only 1 year and 2 months old. "How did I get here?" He wondered. The last thing he could remember was.... No it couldn't have been. "But why?" He thought "Why would mother do that to me." He thought back.
It was deathly cold out, the kind of cold that would make anything outside bare freeze to death in seconds. The last surviving pup of his mothers litter had just released his last rattling breath. The pups bodies lay before her and she sobbed. Daraybade's father came to comfort her. "There there dear. There will be more pups in the future. We've still got Terycine and Daraybade here. Not to worry." Reany looked at her mate. "Of course, your right. How foolish of me." She gave a hiccupy laugh. "We will bury them outside, under the ash tree." Quejren assured his mate. "Come, we will do it now." He began to walk ouside. Daraybade looked at his brother, then at the pup's bodies. All the sisters and brothers he'd have had! Daraybade grew sad, after all what wolf of only 1 year and 2 months would want to carry his dead sibling in his mouth? He grabbed one of the pups in his mouth and carried it to the ash tree outside the den. Quejren had dug a hole and Daraybade placed the pup inside. Terycine did the same, then sat next to Daraybade as their mother carried the other pups outside and placed them in the hole. Quejren piled the dirt back on top of them. The family looked sadly at the mound and then turned to go inside the den. "Reany you must be famished. I will go hunt and bring back some nice meat for you all." Quejren announced. And with that he left the den.
About a half an hour later a howl split the night air. It belonged to Quejren. "Come boys. Your father wants us to come to him." A confused look was on Reanys face as she padded from the den. Daraybade and Terycine looked toward each other then followed. Once outside they began to pad faster until they were running through the night. Reany led them in the direction the howl had come from. But she stopped abruply. Immediatly Daraybade smelt it to. It was a Lynx. And terribly near. Daraybade shook and and moved next to his mother. Reany began to move forward, as quietly as she could. They came to a small seperation in the trees. The smell of Quejren came to his nostrils, and also the smell of blood. Horrified he looked at what was in front of him. His father lay on the ground, his body ripped open. Daraybade looked at his mother. Reany stared at his body. He was dead. Her pups were dead. She was alone, so caught in grief that she forgot her surviving pups were right next to her. And in her mind she was alone. She howled, forgeting the Lynx that ever so close by. But then, all of the greif and death hit her, and she snapped. She whirled on her pups, her eyes were glazed over. She was not herself, Reany fiercly grabbed onto Terycine and had snapped his neck. She threw his body from her jaws and it landed at Daraybade's paws. Daraybade stared at his brother, then at Reany who was coming towards him. Daraybade ran. He ran faster then he ever had before. He could hear his mother crashing along behind him. But ther was something else. Another creature stepping deftly, barely making any noise. Then snarls and whimpering reached Daraybades ears. He dared to turn his head as he ran. Reany was being chased by the Lynx, and they shot off to the right, crashing through the shrubs on the forest floor. Then Daraybade looked back ahead to see where he was running. Bark was all he saw and then everything went black.
Daraybade shuddered as he looked up at the tree. He didn't know what to do. He was alone, truly alone. He shivered and fell into a sleep full of images from earlier.
The next day found him wandering through the forest. He was still terrified though it was a light and sunny day. Where would he go? What would he do? He knew how to hunt. He could become a loner and fend for himself. Yes that is what he would do! And he was terribly hungry, so he began to search for some rabbits. He didn't have to look long however. The scent of rabbit had met his nostrils and he was trying to find the hole when a rabbit raced by. He quickly ran after it, snapping at its heels. He was trying his hardest to catch it. Soon it disapeared. Daraybade looked around. It had disappeared!!? How does that work!? "Haha I've never seen a more pathetic wolf!" Came a sqeaky voice from directly beneath him. He looked. A rabbit was looking up at him from a hole. Daraybade snarled. "You couldn't eat me even if you wanted to!" The rabbit teased. Daraybade snarled again. "Your much to nice, I can see it on your face. Come, follow me I will give you some food." And with that the rabbit disapeared into the hole. Daraybade blinked. "A rabbit, inviting me into it's home? What is this world coming to?" But he followed anyway.
Daraybade stayed with the rabbit for a time. They became good friends. The rabbits name was Truke, and he became like a father to Daraybade. One day, when Daraybade was about 2 and a half years old, he was out hunting for a mouse or a small mammal he could snack on. He got a squirrel and headed back to Truke's hole. When he approached the hole he picked up another wolfs scent. He stayed in the shrubs and wathced a gray wolf approach the hole. And he saw Truke run out the oppsite exit. The gray wolf tore after him, as did Daraybade after the gray wolf. "Don't touch that rabbit if you know whats good for you!!!" Daraybade shouted. Daraybade watched helplessly as the wolf closed his jaws around the small rabbits neck. Truke went limp. Daraybade pounced on the gray wolf, determined to make the wolf pay. A furious fight ensued. Soon the gray wolf lay on the ground, no longer breathing. But Daraybade wasn't doing very well himself. The worst wound he had suffered was on his left back leg. His paw was hanging by a thread of muscle. He finished biting it off hisself, then licked it and tryed to slow the bleeding. He was alone agian. He was angry, angrier then he had ever been.
When his stump had healed enough to where he could walk he began to wander. Catching what he could to eat he began to learn to cope with haveing three paws and a stump. He did this for a year and a half. Until he had calmed his rage toward other wolves he steered clear of them, but still has a dislike toward them. He would like to become part of a pack agian. For, although he is not afraid, he doesn't like to be alone. As he wandered he came upon Ilrinon, smelling that there were packs here, he decided to seek a pack. "Maybe," He thought "I will be with other wolves again."